A Happy New Year from R and ggplot2

Here is a happy new year picture from R and ggplot2.

Mt. Fuji is, probably, the most famous mountain in Japan. The view of Mt. Fuji in the morning on 1st Jan is called “Hatsu Fuji”. Hatsu means “the first”.
The picture (actually it is not a picture, but a graph) was generated by the code below.
This is a kind of toy example, but perhaps it will help to deeply understand R and ggplot2.


# Mt.Fuji function
# this is a modification of "Draw Mt. Fuji in R" posted on "SIGUNIANG'S BLOG".
# see http://siguniang.wordpress.com/2010/12/19/rdraw-mt-fuji-in-r/
f <- function(x) ifelse (abs(x)<=1, x^4-x^2+6, 12/(abs(x)+1))
g <- function(x) ifelse (abs(x)<=2, 0.5*cos(2*x*pi)+7/2, 12/(abs(x)+1))

# overlap layers
ggplot(data.frame(x=c(-8,8)), aes(x)) +

  # background gradation
  geom_tile(aes(x, y, fill=y*3), data.frame(expand.grid(x=c(-4,4), y=seq(0.05, 6.95, 0.1)))) +
  # Mt. Fuji
  stat_function(fun = f, geom='area', fill='white', colour=NA, n=1000) +
  stat_function(fun = g, geom='area', fill='black', colour=NA, n=1000) +
  # The light of sun
  geom_tile(aes(x, y, fill=z),
            transform(data.frame(expand.grid(x=seq(-7.95, 7.95, 0.1), y=seq(0.05, 6.95, 0.1))), z=-sqrt((5-x)^2+(5.5-y)^2)),
            alpha=0.25) +
  # The sun
  geom_point(aes(x, y), data.frame(x=5, y=5.5), size=30, colour="yellow") +
  # The forests
  stat_function(fun = function(x)sin(x*3)/2+2, geom="area", fill="darkgreen", colour=NA) +
  # use YlOrRd colormap from RColorBrewer
  scale_fill_gradientn(colour=rev(brewer.pal(7,"YlOrRd"))) +
  # hide labels and legend
  opts(legend.position = "none",
       axis.text.x = theme_blank(),
       axis.text.y = theme_blank(),
       axis.title.x = theme_blank(),
       axis.title.y = theme_blank())

2 thoughts on “A Happy New Year from R and ggplot2

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  2. Error in continuous_scale(“fill”, “gradientn”, gradient_n_pal(colours, :
    unused argument (colour = c(“#B10026”, “#E31A1C”, “#FC4E2A”, “#FD8D3C”, “#FEB24C”, “#FED976”, “#FFFFB2”))

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