A Happy New Year from R and ggplot2

Here is a happy new year picture from R and ggplot2.

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Using jet colormap in R and ggplot2

The jet colormap is widely used (at least in my research community).

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FAQ: How to order the (factor) variables in ggplot2

When you make a bar plot for categorical (i.e., factor) variables, probably you want to order the levels of variable in some way.

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FAQ: geom_line() doesn’t draw lines

Probably one of the most frequently asked question is that geom_line() does not draw lines.
This is because x variable is factor.

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Use image for background in ggplot2

ggplot2 does not support drawing image files by default, but it is easy to draw images for background using ggplot2.

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Plot mts (multivariate time series) in ggplot2


ggplot2 does not support ts plot by default, but easily plot after brief data transformation.

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Draw function without data in ggplot2

Sometimes I need to draw mathematical functions only by specifying the xlim and without read data.
stat_function() can handle this.


Basic form is:

qplot(c(0, 2), stat="function", fun=exp, geom="line") 
# or
ggplot(data.frame(x=c(0, 2)), aes(x)) + stat_function(fun=exp)

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